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ILM Academy is not currently hiring, however we are always in need of substitute teachers. To apply, please email your resume to us at We will contact you should your qualifications meet our needs for a substitute teacher.

We will email you back to confirm we have received your resume for substituting this year or working at ILM Academy next year. We do not do walk-in interviews.


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Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Visit

Every year, our middle school students visit various houses of worship to expand their knowledge of other religions and gain respect for others, regardless of belief, as they would like to be respected back as Muslims. Today, our middle school students visited the Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, which was an important church in the Civil Rights movement in this country. One of the reasons we chose an African American church, and this one in particular, is because we want to focus our visit this year on the concept of discrimination and how others have used their faith to overcome discrimination and even fight for civil rights. We thank Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church for hosting our students!

2016 Science and Engineering Fair of Houston

Three of our middle school students qualified to enter into the 2016 Science and Engineering Fair of Houston! Two of the students won special awards, of which "judges represent organizations, professional societies or companies and can decide whom they want to judge based on project type, gender type and particular interests of the group they are representing." The "Science Explorer" special award they won was awarded by Jacobs and NASA!

The three projects these students worked on were:

1) Solar Panels: Which solar panel design is most efficient at collecting solar energy?
2) Cryogenics: Can freezing cells preserve them?
3) Robotic Hand: Is it possible to build a robotic hand that can pick up and grasp small objects?

Fruit Smoothie Sale

Our 8th graders organized a fruit smoothie sale for the Montessori, elementary and middle school students. The purpose of this sale was to raise funds for their upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. This is a graduation trip we hope to have for every 8th grade class at ILM Academy.

Inter-school Quran Competition

We are proud of all the schools and students who participated in the Inter-Islamic school Quran Competition. It was a great event where 86 students from 6 schools participated. May Allah Allah accept their efforts, ameen.

"Souper" Bowl -School Lunch

The whole school supported our 8th grade class by purchasing hot and fresh soups for lunch. The profits will go towards the Washignton, D.C graduation trip for the 8th grade students.


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