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ILM Academy is not currently hiring, however we are always in need of substitute teachers. To apply, please email your resume to us at We will contact you should your qualifications meet our needs for a substitute teacher.

We will email you back to confirm we have received your resume for substituting this year or working at ILM Academy next year. We do not do walk-in interviews.


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Hajj Play

ILM Academy enjoyed a beautiful Hajj play today, MashAllah!

The students described the rites and rituals of Hajj by speaking about and demonstrating them in our school's annual Hajj play. See more pictures on our Facebook page!


Frog Dissection

Last week the 5th graders dissected a frog. A Frog's dissection provides a good understanding of organ systems of complex living things. Hands-on learning through dissection provides students an insight of how their bodies work.

Field Trip to Emery/Weiner School

Emery/Weiner School is a private Jewish school for 6th-12th graders, which approached us about our students getting together to learn from one another on a personal level, rather than just studying each other's faiths. On this field trip, our students met with the 7th grade students at Emery/Weiner who are currently studying a unit on Islam.

The purpose of this trip was for the Muslim students to learn more about Judaism, the Jewish students to learn more about Islam, and both groups of students to reflect on their own faiths. Students ate the pizza lunch together, did an icebreaker, and did group and partner activities to learn from one another in regards to their beliefs and how they practice their faiths. Our students were prepped before the field trip about the general similarities and differences between Judaism and Islam .

Heart Dissection

The 7th graders dissected a sheep's heart, which is similar to a human heart, in their life science class as they continued to learn about body systems.The students were able to identify the different chambers, major veins, and major arteries of the heart in comparison to a human heart to review how blood pumps through it to the rest of the body.

Pennies for Pencils

This year, the 4th graders have studied stories of bringing education to rural areas of the world where children cannot find education as easily as we can in countries like ours, alhamdullilah. They partnered with an organization called Pennies for Peace, which teaches students around the globe about the difference they can make by simply collecting pennies to serve other children like them.

This Thursday, the 4th grade class held a "pennies for pencils" sale after school. They sold pencils, school supplies, used books, and some tea and cookies after school to help raise their final amount for their charity project this year. Thank you for coming out to support them.

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