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ILM Academy is not currently hiring, however we are always in need of substitute teachers. To apply, please email your resume to us at We will contact you should your qualifications meet our needs for a substitute teacher.

We will email you back to confirm we have received your resume for substituting this year or working at ILM Academy next year. We do not do walk-in interviews.


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Early Childcare Center


“The Early Childcare Center is love, learning and Islam in action.” -Parent


A Very Special Early Childcare Center (Ages infants-3 Years)

He may have just begun walking or she may have just articulated her first sentence or have begun to make block towers. They could already be running! ILM Academy’s Early Childcare Center (ECC) will nurture them through these first steps. The ECC will help them to love learning, in a playful, deen-centered environment, where ‘A is for Allah’ is sung alongside ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’.

The ECC adopts a Montessori approach so the pace of learning is determined by each child, which makes every learning odyssey unique. These young children will also be fully prepared to advance into ILM Academy’s primary Montessori classrooms by age 3. In addition to engaging in endless indoor activities, they enjoy the safe and shaded playground of ILM Academy and benefit often from the proximity of older siblings in the Montessori, elementary, and middle school grades.

While professionalism is a hallmark at the ILM Academy ECC, a state licensed childcare center, there is a strong family feeling and staff care for children with great tenderness and dedication. Children are encouraged to develop intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually--a trademark of the school through middle school as well.

Our instructors are trained in early childhood development and the Montessori philosophy, which means they are committed to bringing out the best in your children.


Early Childcare Center Details

Age requirements: Admission for non-staff children into the ECC begins at the age of 12 months (though staff children may be accepted as early as 6 months). The child must turn 12 months old by August of that academic year and be walking in order to gain admission into the ECC-Infant class. The child must turn 18 months old by August of that academic year and be walking in order to gain admission into the ECC-Toddler class. If a child will be turning 3 by September 30 of that academic year, s/he must apply for the Montessori level 1 (pre-school) class.

School hours/Holidays: The ECC's hours are 8:00am-3:00pm, while the rest of school's timings are 8:10-3:10. A parent may choose to send their ECC student to school for half of a day (such as 8:00-12:00), however that will not lessen the tuition amount. Part time enrollment options include two options, both of full days on the selected days: TTh (Tuesdays and Thursdays) or MWF (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays). Tuition will vary depending on the day options chosen. It is not possible to enroll for another mix of the days of the week other than the TTh and MWF options we provide. The ECC follows the same academic calendar as the rest of ILM Academy. Therefore, the ECC is closed on teacher in-service/professional development days and other holidays such as Eid, Thanksgiving, winter, spring, and summer breaks. The ECC is also closed on other national holidays such as Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Potty training: An incoming ECC student does not need to be potty trained. However, we will begin working with you and your child by the time s/he is 24-30 months old to begin the potty training process at school and at home as a part of our preparation of your child for the Montessori classroom. Throughout the day, the teachers will be taking the students to the restroom or changing diapers.

Supplies: The ECC student must bring diapers/pull-ups if they are currently wearing them. Wipes will be provided in the class, however if your student needs special sensitive wipes, then you should send them with the diapers. ECC students must also bring a backpack with blanket in the beginning of every school week. The blanket will stay at the school until the end of the school week and then be sent home to be washed. The school provides nap mats for your child as a part of the $15 school supply fee that is paid at the time of enrollment in August. Two pairs of a change in clothes (including undergarments) must be sent at the start of the child's enrollment into the class and must be replenished when used. They will be kept in the school in case of accidents.

Lunch: A lunch must be brought daily from home. Items can be refrigerated in the classroom, such as the student's milk. Snacks are provided in the class. Breakfast is not provided, nor is there a set time for breakfast, however if you wish, your child can eat breakfast brought from home when s/he arrives in class in the morning. All lunch items must be pre-cooked and teachers will warm food in the microwave as needed. Hotdogs are not allowed at all for safety reasons. Grapes, cherries, and small tomatoes are allowed but must be cut in half long ways.

Schedule: ECC students have morning arrival time from 8am until about 8:15am. After that, students participate in circle time, in which they sing songs, recite du'aas, recite Surah al-Fatiha, review the days of the week, discuss the weather, participate in physical activities to go along with the songs, and review alphabets and the alphabet of the week. By about 8:45, they begin working on lessons in the classroom which teach them color differentiation, object identification, fine motor skills, and more, as per Montessori guidelines. At 9:40, the students have Arabic class time which also includes Quran and du'aa recitation. Students are taught to identify objects, such as fruits, colors, animals, etc., in a full-immersion setting, meaning that the teacher will speak to them in Arabic, using the same words repeatedly to help them learn meanings through familiarity, and encourage the students to respond in Arabic. Students also learn basic Surahs from the Quran and du'aas through hearing. At 10:10, students go outside for recess (or stay inside when there are extreme temperatures or inclement weather). Students come in from recess and prepare for lunch at 10:40, after which they eat lunch, clean up, and prepare for nap time. Students nap from about 12:00-2:00/2:30. Parents should pick up their ECC students between 2:45-3:10. The latest time to pick up an ECC student is 3:10.

Daily reporting: The ECC teachers will update student progress through an app called Brightwheel. Through this app, teachers will update how long the student napped, how often the child went to the restroom and for which reasons, what they ate for lunch, if they finished their lunch, and give notices of incidents, activities, or other notes the teachers wish to leave the parents.


Schedule an ECC tour with us by emailing us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We conduct tours in the mornings between 8:30-10:00 by appointment.


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We are still accepting applications for the 2017-2018 academic year through February 2018. Please continue to the Admissions and FAQ pages for more information on how to apply.

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